L-Glutamine, Maltodextrin.
Made in the same plant with soy, milk, egg, and wheat products.
Oral Administration:
Mix one packet GLUTASOLVE into 4 fl oz of a favorite hot or cold beverage, or with soft foods like yogurt, applesauce or pudding. Stir well and consume immediately after mixing.
Tube Feeding Administration: Mix one packet of GLUTASOLVE with 2-4 fl oz (60-120 mL) warm water. Infuse immediately via syringe into enteral feeding tube. Minimum tube size recommended is 8 Fr. Flush tube with 15-30mL water before and after administration via enteral feeding tube. Adding GLUTASOLVE directly to enteral formula is not recommended.
GI Toxicity Protocol3,4,†: Consume GLUTASOLVE® powder approximately 5 days prior to the start of chemotherapy or radiation therapy and continue during the course of therapy for a total of 14 days. Consume approximately 3 fl oz (90mL) three (3) times per day. Discard any GLUTASOLVE® solution not consumed within 24 hours4. Mix GLUTASOLVE® powder (18 g L-glutamine)‡ with 9 fl oz (270 mL) of water and refrigerate. Mix vigorously before consuming (powder will settle during refrigeration).

† Not intended as a substitute for medical advice or existing facility protocols. Cautious use of enteral glutamine is advised in patients with protein-restricted diets.
‡ For ease of use during administration, mix 2 packets of GLUTASOLVE® (30 mL-glutamine) powder.